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Why do we need Hedera.design in our offices?

Why do we need Hedera.design in our offices? Not only for decorative greenery, but also because there are several plants that can help absorb dust and improve air quality inside offices and meeting rooms. Here are some of them: Sansevieria:


Ranger and the startup Hikari, along with JEC Paris, bring a wealth of new developments. We start with the GMC®: after producing the first component for the automotive industry, visible at the Ranger Hikari booth at JEC HALL 6 Booth

Innovative GMC® material (the sustainable evolution of the SMC composite material), finds its first application in the automotive sector.

Innovative GMC® material (the sustainable evolution of the SMC composite material), finds its first application in the automotive sector. www.hikari.green, the innovative start-up that developed the GMC®, in collaboration with www.ranger.it, a company specialized in the development and production of

HEDERA per le scuole

HEDERA GOES TO SCHOOL! HEDERA si sta rapidamente affermando all'interno delle aule scolastiche, sia a livello primario che professionale. Migliorando la vita degli studenti e gli ambienti di apprendimento. Semplicità di installazione: Facilità di montaggio che rende il prodotto adatto

Ranger at JEC 2023 – Stand H5 R70

Ranger Compositi (www.ranger.it) and start-up Hikari (www.hikari.green) will be present at JEC 2023. Much news at the stand. In the right area there will be large SMC details to appreciate the technology on very huge producs. In addition, an absolute

Green Moulding Compound e Hedera Composites incontrano l'ecosostenibilità

I tradizionali campi di applicazione dei materiali compositi erano limitati al trasporto leggero o agli articoli sportivi, ma oggi non è più così. Stanno infatti guadagnando sempre più spazio anche in diversi rami di mercato. Ciò è chiaramente dovuto alle

GMC®: the Green Moulding Compound is coming soon

RANGER, in the framework of its development plan of innovative technologies, has conceived the first formulation of BMC and SMC from renewable sources. For this formulation, bio-resins were used, strengthened by natural-source fibers such as flax and hemp. Bio-resins are

Ranger at JEC 2022

JEC World 2022, the Leading International Composites Show, is near. RANGER will be there at Pavilion 5 Booth P82: come meet our staff and discover our services for the automotive composite market. #JECWorld2022 #JECWorld #carbonfiber #carbonfibre #composites #compositematerials JEC Group

Installation of a 4000 ton hydraulic press

The latest arrival completes the expansion of the hub dedicated to research and innovation Briosco, Italy (10 October 2019). Ranger announces the installation of a 4000-ton press developed in collaboration with its longstanding Chinese partner, Fujian Haiyuan Composites Technology Co,

House Development of a Lightweight Solution for the Battery Box

At first glimpse at the trailblazing use of composite integrated with metallic foil for the cover of the battery box. This has the potential for changing the e-mobility industry RANGER a leading company of plastic and composite materials for the