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Ranger and the startup Hikari, along with JEC Paris, bring a wealth of new developments.

We start with the GMC®: after producing the first component for the automotive industry, visible at the Ranger Hikari booth at JEC HALL 6 Booth L93, we are pleased to announce the preview of a development, a panel for the electrical industry made with a special grade of GMC®

At the booth, you can also admire GMC® made from food processing waste, already in production for the vases of the vertical garden at www.hedera.design.

Additionally, we will showcase large pieces in SMC manufactured with our 4000-ton press, capable of producing components up to 2.5 by 4 meters in size.

We invite you to visit our booth, where you will find not only the latest developments but also some fine Italian wine and updates on our projects in China, along with descriptions of the two new patents we have developed.

Our patent on the new battery cover utilizes a flexible multilayer structure comprising a resin matrix and reinforcing layers with a shielding layer containing metallic materials. This solution provides uniform shielding against electromagnetic radiation, adaptability to the mold shape, and a reduction in production costs. The production method employs HP-RTM technology to ensure a uniform resin distribution. The flexibility of the multilayer structure simplifies mass production, ensuring high shielding and structural properties simultaneously.

We developed a self-supporting composite structure for automotive body and chassis parts, manufactured using High-Pressure Resin Transfer Moulding (HP-RTM) technology. Traditional methods faced challenges in resin flow, resulting in inadequate stiffness and strength. The innovation involves prefabricated foam resin structural elements arranged in the desired configuration with longitudinal spacing. These spaces are filled with injected resin during molding, forming transverse junctions. The resulting composite structure, featuring reinforced foam resin elements, offers enhanced resin distribution, rigidity, and strength. Notably, the process utilizes HP-RTM pressures, ensuring optimal resin distribution. The invention provides versatility in material and dimensional variations, addressing challenges in conventional resin injection processes.

We await you at Hall 6 Stand L93, a small booth but full of new ideas for the future of composites.

The contact details are as follows:

RANGER – info@ranger.it & HIKARI – info@hikari.green

Simone Pietta