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The latest arrival completes the expansion of the hub dedicated to research and innovation

Briosco, Italy (10 October 2019). Ranger announces the installation of a 4000-ton press developed in collaboration with its longstanding Chinese partner, Fujian Haiyuan Composites Technology Co, LTD (HYM). With plate dimension of 4000 x 2800 mm, the press integrates multi-technologies and was conceived with a parallelism control system and a movable lower plate for efficiently preparing and uploading the material on the mold. “With plates of this size and such a high tonnage, we were able to test a pilot mold for the HP-RTM technology of an entire side of a car prototype developed by Ranger in collaboration with HYM for the SUV and Electric PICKUP segments,” says Marcello Agrati, currently Ranger R&D Director and Board Member.“We are indeed deeply convinced” he continues, “that the real weight savings on electric vehicles will be achieved by building large chassis components. We have in the pipeline a project for the automatic assembly of these components that will support the press to offer customers a complete system of a frame made with composites. This will result in lower initial investment costs and achieve a reduction in weight of 100 kg per car.”

Since its opening in 2010, the CTC has been a hub dedicated to the research and development of composites materials and lightweight solutions especially for EV car and other structural applications.  Among the most recent releases, it is worth noting the new in-house technology for the cover of the battery box suitable for any type of electric car which the company has patented a few months back. A sandwich molding with carbon fibre reinforcement for side application is also under development in the centre. This solution is expected to provide a weight reduction of 100 Kg compared with aluminium solutions and about 250 Kg with conventional steel solutions.

“Strategically located between Milan and Turin, Ranger’s Castelletto Cervo plant for the development of composites reaches its full size with the creation of a completely new department, conceived and designated to accommodate the 4,000-tons press with plate dimensions designed to print any type of composite product from the roof of a truck or a tractor to a complete floor of a car,” says Marco Rossini, Ranger General Manager and Board Member.  “The plant is also equipped with a translating table able to move molds of any weight, bringing them under the press after having been moved by a crane, or from the adjacent warehouse, without interfering in the useful working space. Ranger Composite plant thus offers a production capacity with presses of 500 Tons, 2,000 Tons and 4,000 Tons capable of satisfying every customer’s need”.

The plant is also equipped with a painting facility and, in particular, one cabin static for primer and second cabin static for finishing. “Adding to the state-of-the-art a paint booth, small and large-sized proprietary molds, as well as the team’s fundamental expertise in all composites-related technologies, Ranger is the perfect partner for anyone who wants to develop applications in the sector, also guarantee great privacy, thanks to its location and to a specially designed layout”, Mr. Rossini concludes.

Expertise is indeed one of the keys to the success of the company that has a history of 50 years. Established in 1969 by Alberto Rossini and at the beginning has grown up as mold maker, specialized in SMC technology tools. Since 2009 Ranger has been focusing on research and innovation turning into an engineering company involved in developing new products and molds technologies in several industrial matters. The company is able to support clients in design a complete car or parts of it and transfer the project from the design phase to a 3D project, with CAD software used in the automotive market always pursuing sustainability and cost-efficiency.