Our history is an history of a toolmaker…

The first tools come out from Ranger in the year 1969, few thousands of tools supplied all over the world.

Composite tools design is our favourite activity.

Our thinking for the future is not about milling but on concept and testing.


It’s not a question to substitute humans with robots, it a question to find the most qualified way to do something.

Automation in composite it’s something new in general but not for us.

Ranger started automation process using anthropomorphic robot  in the beginning of the century.

Now this competence is necessary to switch niche composite application to mass production.


A matter of testing something new if you can prove it later on.

The automotive industry is increasingly looking to composite materials as a way of reducing vehicle weight and CO 2 emissions. Up to now, however, these materials have mostly been used in luxury-class vehicles, as established methods are expensive and complex.


The process is also of interest to manufacturers outside of the auto industry. It could conceivably be applied in aircraft construction as a cost-effective method for producing large numbers of carry-over parts. Finally, lightweight sandwich cores are also becoming more and more important in sports equipment.